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A hundred years of chocolate in Milan

The chocolate shop Zàini Milano at n.5 Via De Cristoforis is a creation of the Luigi Zàini spa, a confectionery company founded in Milan in 1913, which today produces and exports its chocolate products to 70 countries world-wide.

While Luigi Zàini products are distributed via large-scale retail, Zàini Milano brand products are sold to exclusive clients. Workers have become craftsmen again, as they were when their profession began, preparing each bar by hand, filling pralines, glass jars and tins of dragée, wrapping bars, making up wooden and gold coated boxes, filling boxes and baskets for special occasions, as they used to do at the beginning of the century.

The chocolate bars of the “Founders” line have a rich assortment of flavours and wrappers. Zàini Milano offers traditional chocolates, such as “cremini” and “gianduiotti”, as well as praline chocolates which are dark or milk chocolate shells filled with cream, fruit or liqueur. Zàini Milano special chocolates are real masterpieces of chocolate miniatures, as if produced by craftsmen. They come in different shapes and are sealed in little packages that remind one of a jewel box.