Where world travellers discover Italian wine and food excellence

Food Accademia offers a range of premium quality, unique and inherently authentic Italian foods, confectionery, wines and spirits to the global travel retail and duty-free sector.

Working closely with some 40 brands, we offer an authentically Italian range for both travel retail & duty-free sale and food and beverage outlets globally, including airports, downtown and border stores, airlines, cruise-ships and ferry outlets. Offering nothing but the finest produce from some of the world’s best farmers, confectioners, distillers, wine-makers and food craftsmen, see our full list of brand partners to find out more.

We pride ourselves on only working with suppliers who deal in high-quality produce using traditional flavours and ingredients, sometimes in unusual and inspiring ways, all packaged elegantly to appeal to the global traveller looking for that special culinary treat or gift for themselves or their loved ones.

Join us on our travel retail journey as we explore and discover the finest in Italian food and beverages and benefit from our wealth of experience in selecting, testing, tasting and engaging with the products and producers of everything from olive oil to wine, sweets to homemade pasta, spirits to chocolate and even vinegar, rice and truffles. All of which are undoubtedly some of the finest examples in the world.