The Travel Retail / Duty Free Market

The travel retail sector has enjoyed continuous and remarkable growth and represents a good opportunity for companies aiming to increase turnover and showcase their products at an international level while positioning themselves in a constantly growing market.

Only the very best of what the Italian food and drink industry has to offer.

Food Accademia operates exclusively in the global travel retail and duty-free market both as an agent and international distributor, offering a two-fold understanding of a vast and exclusive range of products, distribution, packaging and brand positioning.

Our role and unquenchable curiosity to discover and bring to market only the very best of what the Italian food and drink industry has to offer makes us entirely unique in a sector frequently described as ‘The 6th Continent’.

Whether supplying specially selected goods to travel retail & duty-free and/or food and beverage outlets (including inflight catering), we develop relationships with every single one of our partners to ensure the best outcomes and experiences for both supplier and consumer, making the most mouth-watering and memorable taste experiences from the heart and soul of Italy available to travellers anywhere they may be in the world.

With the confectionery and fine foods market estimated to be worth around $5bn in 2025 and FAB outlets growing exponentially, it is clear the market is hugely popular and constantly growing and Food Accademia is the ambassador for the country that is known for turning food into culture.

When we think of Italy, we imagine admiring its masterpieces. Indeed, many Italian masterpieces can be tasted.

Davide Oldani Italian Michelin-star chef and creator of the POP kitchen