About us

Our mission is to represent the very best of Italian food and wine, working tirelessly for those who produce and choose healthy, high-quality foods and those who wish to enjoy food that both stimulates the senses and soothes the soul.

Join us on our journey to bring the very best of Italy to one of the most expanding and exciting markets in the world…

Food Accademia was founded in 2016 to discover, select and introduce the most outstanding Italian food and beverage producers to the world of travel retail and duty-free. From the highest quality oils and vinegars to rich and indulgent chocolates to full-bodied, elegant wines and traditionally made dried pasta, Food Accademia’s ambition has been to present travel retail & duty-free buyers with a portfolio that is unique to the sector.

Charting new routes in the world of Italian food, ours is a prestigious food proposal comprised of highly specialised ingredients and products capable of responding to the growing fine foods market, to new market trends, to enlightened, curious and culinary-focused people, to international lifestyle and nutrition interests, sustainability and uniqueness.

We are proud to take part in industry events such as TFWA World Exhibition to introduce our ever-expanding offer to both existing partners and potential new customers and constantly seek to understand global consumer trends and buying habits during travel.