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Biscuits, small pastries and traditional desserts

Famed for its soft and almond-scented Amaretti biscuits, Virginia began its journey in 1860, where its oven became a gathering place for both locals and tourists alike. So much so that the square in which it was situated is known by many as, “Piazza degli Amaretti Virginia”, or, “Square of the Virginia Amaretti”.

Today the company has become synonymous with the refinement of desserts and pastries and made quality it’s brand philosophy. Its range of sweet and elegant specialties has grown to include countless small pastries and traditional desserts such as panettone, colomba and many other delicacies.

The unique, soft texture and delicate aroma of Virginia products continues to set them apart from other bakeries and has seen them appreciated with medals, honours and acknowledgements at the world’s most prestigious international exhibitions. Virginia Amaretti biscuits are delicious on their own or served with wine, liqueur, ice cream or – best of all – coffee.

Just as importantly, the presentation of Virginia desserts and pastries is as exquisite as their taste. Chic and opulent with bursts of vibrant red, classic Virginia confections merge effortlessly with newer ones, all bearing witness to more than a century of expertise and pleasant memories of, “the art of good life”.