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Evo oil, jams, patè, vegetables in oil

The “Quattrociocchi Americo” Organic Agricultural Company has its roots far back in time. The history of this family business began in the mid-nineteenth century, in the heart of ancient Ciociaria in Alatri, halfway between Rome and Naples. It is also from the territory, in fact, as well as from the family passion handed down over the centuries, that the genuineness and the exclusivity of these productions derive, which have led to achieving in the last ten years results and awards among the most important in Italy and in the world.

However, the real turning point came when Americo Quattrociocchi took over the management of the entire family business, bringing it, in less than 15 years, to the expansion in all the national territory first, and then in Europe and in the world. Thus, today, the Quattrociocchi Americo brand is known in about 50 foreign countries where its products are appreciated, which are no longer just extra virgin olive oil and its derivatives but also flavored oils, preserves, vegetables in oil , sauces and jams, also the result of research and the rediscovery of traditional local recipes.