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The history, innovation, the pleasure of an extraordinary italian coffee

The history of Hausbrandt begins with a passion for excellence that is evident in the careful selection of raw materials, the wide selection of products, and the ability to harmonize coffee’s infinite features to please our senses.

While there are many coffees, the true espresso arises from the ability to blend coffees from various locations to obtain a flavour that cannot be found in a single bean.

Thanks to decades of partnering with raw coffee producers, Hausbrandt can guarantee quality, beginning with selecting the best coffee beans.

Daily testing of the roasted blends ensures product consistency throughout the year. For this reason, Hausbrandt coffee offers the best guarantees of consistent quality.

Skill, expert knowledge of extraction methods and focus on a perfect result: these are the requirements for a successful establishment, since the path to a truly excellent cup of coffee follows the powerful concepts of the coffee culture.

Excellence, the value that makes the difference in taste, style and quality.