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Reinvented rice

Acquerello is a family-run farmstead that produces Acquerello Carnaroli  Superfino rice, unique throughout the world, grown and packaged by Rondolino family at the historical Tenuta Colombara.

From the quality standpoint, Acquerello is the finishing line for rice: perfect in the kitchen, it unites versatility of use and unique taste. Acquerello is now representing the excellence of Italian rice. For the product to be successful and clients to remain faithful, a superior quality standard with respect to other types of rice was created. Carnaroli, a rice variety almost unknown internationally was chosen, because it best represented the Italian cuisine.

In order to improve the quality, before it was milled, they aged the paddy rice, using the technique of refrigeration to preserve it. The research and the process of innovation continued. They first decided to vacuum pack the rice: a tin was chosen to enhance the product and differentiate it from the other rice. Thanks to a specific technique the bud is recombined with the milled rice, so that it preserves the most important nutritional values, otherwise only found in wholegrain rice.