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70 years of wine

“Drink your Lugana very young and you will enjoy its freshness. Drink it after two or three years and you will enjoy its completeness. Lugana is rare among wines in that is has an extraordinary capacity to make itself recognizable. Taste a Lugana and, if you are a good taster, you will not be able to forget it. A great painter, like a good musician is easily recognized; each time proposing itself again with a work, one feels it is hers, it is a way of presenting itself that is born in that moment.”
– Luigi Veronelli –

Indeed, our philosophy is to use avant-garde techniques to obtain parietal and mineral wines that are the most typical expression of the territory with its unique soil and climate. The grapes of every vineyard are vinified separately in order to have the clearest possible vision of the expressions of our “terroir”.