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A sweet Italian passion

Flamigni was born in 1930 in Forlì as an artisan pastry and since that time not much has changed. Today as then, Flamigni continues to carefully choose the best raw materials he uses in the preparation of his desserts: excellent ingredients to make genuine recipes with an inimitable taste and that offer those who choose them the opportunity to experience a truly sensorial experience only.

Over three generations, Flamigni has cultivated two great professional passions: nougat and panettone. Apparently, they could not be more distant: they are the hardest and the softest of sweets; in reality, they have numerous traits in common: they in fact share ancient origins, are linked to anniversaries and clearly represent two cornerstones of the Italian gastronomic heritage.

The most accurate processes are also the slowest, it is no wonder: they are the ones that treat the ingredients more carefully, to enhance their organoleptic qualities.

In Flamigni innovation and tradition meet in the continuous search for taste and quality.