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Authentic values of Sicily

Thanks to this small green nut that our passion and dedication became a job. Our pistachios grow on the steep, rocky lava flows of Etna, almost like a challenge of nature; a symbolism that becomes an allegory of the Sicilian people's constant commitment to the pursuit of goodness and beauty.

A challenge that has been repeated for centuries. The ingredients in our recipes, for example, derive  from  the  Arab  invasion  in  Sicily that bought not only their culture but also their way of cooking; these delicacies over time have emerged into our culture and  transformed into a masterpiece of taste, which is imitated throughout the world.

The secret of a good product is certainly the use of excellent raw materials. We dedicate to them an obsessive attention, both for their choice and for their processing.

The mother yeast, this is the secret of a good cake. It is a painstaking work with attention to the finest details. The Panettone needs hours and hours of rising to have such a soft and fragrant product that is unique.

Our products are Sicilian and Sicilian pastry chefs are our teachers and they collaborate every day to design exclusive and refined products.