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Handcraft Limoncello

Russo Family has been working since 1936 with great skill and passion to produce and market handicraft liqueurs and spirits. They are one of the historical distilleries in the Campania region.

Since their origins, this distillery has always been considered an handicraft company for its production of typical liqueurs of Campania among which stands for quality and method of production: Limoncello IGP from Amalfi coast which is made exclusively by infusion of lemon peels.

Basing on old recipes, they use lemons from Amalfi coast and high quality pure alcohol from molasses. The second feature is the hand peeling of the lemons offering the best use of essential oils present in the skins.

Continuity, tradition, innovation and customer satisfaction are the principles of the distillery. Any company choice is based on the care for the whole productive process, from the selection and control of the raw materials up to transformation.