Cantine Ceci

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The perfect balance of style and substance

Founded by Otello Ceci, a tavern keeper in what is known as the "Bassa Parmense" region – a stretch of low-lying land running from the historic road traversing downtown Parma to the Po River to the north of the city – Cantine Ceci offers wine buyers the perfect balance of style and substance.

From the outset, the winery has been a leader and visionary in the world of Italian wine, reinventing Lambrusco and introducing a never-ending array of new products and experiences to thrill the senses.

Today, Otello's grandchildren run the family business, continuing to build on past achievements with the hope of creating an even richer winemaking tradition for generations to follow. The family achieves its award-winning quality with products and packaging that constantly reach for innovation. Their sparkling wines and flagship Otello NeroDiLambrusco being presented in a square-shaped bottle that is totally unique and undeniably attractive.

Day after day, Cantine Ceci builds upon its deep local roots that began way back in 1938 in Otello's trattoria to tell the story of iconic Italian wine heritage in increasingly new and exciting ways.