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Alcohol-free sparkling drinks

Bella sparkling drinks are produced in the Prosecco wine region of northern Italy. The result is a non-alcoholic drink that offers all the appeal of Italy's finest and most renowned sparkling wines, without a drop of alcohol.

All over the world there are millions of people who do not drink alcohol for different reasons, from beliefs to life choices. We give them all the chance to choose a smart alcohol-free option, inspired by the wine-making process, but without alcohol. Being sober has never been so glam, with Bella Drinks, to attract a unique community of life stylers always looking for surprising new tasting experiences. A new way to share conviviality while embracing sobriety.

Excellent by choice
With Bella Drink everyone can experience the most authentic taste, texture, sparkle and fragrance of an Italian masterpiece. Bella Italian Fashion Drink is the brainchild of Loris Casonato, an expert Italian winemaker and winegrower, the third generation of a family of passionate wine entrepreneurs and an advocate of intelligent and sustainable winemaking.

The process
Bella is created using an exclusive, internationally patented production process to enhance and preserve intact the delicate aroma of the native Glera grapes. A revolutionary technology that keeps the unpasteurized and microfiltered must fresh, freshly blended with carbon dioxide only for the sparkling references. The result is a fresh zero-alcohol drink. 

It is a certified product (Vegan, Biodiversity, SQNPI and HALAL Certified) with a short supply chain, from vineyard to winery to bottling to you.