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 Ceci 1938 embraces the environment by launching the first aluminum bottle with a #mushroom cork.

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 Sustainability in the Spotlight

Aluminum is fully recyclable without losing quality. According to the International Aluminum Institute, recycling aluminum requires up to 95% less energy than producing it from the primary metal. Every ton of recycled aluminum significantly contributes to reducing CO2 emissions. It is the most environmentally friendly material because it is 100% recyclable.

Wine Protection and Preservation

Aluminum provides a total barrier against light, gases, and moisture, perfectly preserving the wine over time and reducing waste.

Rapid Cooling

Thanks to its high thermal conductivity, aluminum cools faster than glass. The bottle cools from 20°C to 7°C in just 5 minutes in an ice bucket.

Lightweight and Space-Saving

The lightweight and compact design results in obvious savings in transport and storage, with considerable energy savings. The empty bottle weighs only 96g. Due to its unbreakability, the bottle is safer and ideal for use even in outdoor locations where glass containers are dangerous or prohibited.

 A Genuine Commitment

The company's growth is guided by a responsible vision, considering the well-being of our planet. Ceci has adopted more sustainable practices to reduce environmental impact over time, looking to the future with confidence and aware that every effort in this direction can have a significant impact on future generations.

Food Accademia will be the exclusive global retailer for the “For The Future” line in travel retail. This partnership ensures that travelers worldwide can enjoy the sustainable and innovative wine offerings by Ceci 1938.