Exclusive at the WTCE in Hamburg!

Exclusive at the WTCE in Hamburg!

we presented Moralberti's latest masterpiece at the WTCE in Hamburg. it was an unmissable event for all travel retail professionals!

Dolcefreddo Moralberti, an Italian company founded in 1994, has dedicated itself with passion and enthusiasm to the production of high quality sweets. It has achieved incredible results thanks to its ability to adapt to market demands and current needs.

Moralberti's new single-serving Tiramisù Dolcefreddo desserts are unique creations, known for their quality and refinement, characterised by two layers of coffee-soaked sponge cake, alternating with mascarpone cream and topped with cocoa powder. Available in both Marsala (with alcohol) and Halal (without alcohol) versions, these desserts are served in elegant individual portions. This Tiramisu has a shelf life of 12 months from the date of production.

These delicious desserts are packaged to ensure maximum safety and freshness until your table.

Our mouths are watering