Bee Enchantment: Roberto Arru in the Top of Italian Honey Production!

Bee Enchantment: Roberto Arru in the Top of Italian Honey Production!

Roberto Arru beekeeping company is renowned for the production of honeys from the picturesque Sardinia.

There is a great commitment to producing superior quality honey, working exclusively in areas where the blooms are born and grow naturally and spontaneously. This sustainable approach guarantees an authentic and genuine product that captures the essence of central Sardinia.

The types of honey vary according to the season and include a wide range of unique flavours, including heather, wild lavender, asphodel, millefiori, thistle, eucalyptus and the prized bitter arbutus honey. For the third year in a row the letter was awarded by Gambero Rosso as Eccellenza d'Italia and Top Italian Food for the year 2024 for its genuineness and unique taste.

Roberto Arru's honey has become a real Sardinian must-have for our travelling customers to whom we are able to offer an authentic piece of local culture to take home and share with their loved ones.

Collaborating with Roberto Arru's beekeeping company is a real pleasure. Their dedication to quality and sustainability is evident at every stage of the production process, which makes their products truly exceptional.

Discover the true taste of Sardinia with Roberto Arru's honeys, don't miss the opportunity to delight your palate with these Sardinian treasures and take home a piece of authentic Italian culture.