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Nonno Andrea’s fantastic tales lead us to discover the true story of the Radicchio of Treviso, Clementine and Pink Pepper in oil; unusual, almost surreal combinations fascinate a young cook, who will try to surpass himself and his father, from whom he learned the art of cooking.

Adventures, twists and turns, and suspicious ingredients follow one another until arriving at the Paccheri by Pasta Massi, Walnut Cream by Sommariva and Parmigiano Reggiano Flakes by Gennari.

Every truth will be revealed by the excellent pairing with the Merlot by Ornella Molon. What goodness!

The box includes

  • Paccheri by Pasta Massi 500gr
  • Parmigiano Reggiano Flakes by Gennari 60gr
  • Walnut Cream by Sommariva 2x100gr
  • Radicchio of Treviso, Clementine and Pink Pepper in oil by Nonno Andrea 390gr
  • Ornella Molon Merlot 0,75l