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The art of making pasta

Often people do not know what they are eating when they have a plate of pasta.

Pietro Massi has dedicated his life to pasta. His experience led him to a real reinterpretation of production processes realizing a real own revolution. The value of his method: rolling for long pasta and “innovative and original drawing” for short pasta, all strictly cold. A new pasta that has its origins in tradition. The absence of mechanical, traumatic stress on the dough allows the preservation of proteins, vitamins and starches, which can thus be rediscovered in this pasta, enjoying its unique aromatic profile.

High digestibility: the exclusive production process of Pasta Massi maintains the starch molecule intact, thus favoring greater digestibility, a characteristic linked to the processing method of all our formats.

All the references produced with the “Pietro Massi Method” guarantee the pasta a yield of 30% in the dish, therefore superior to any other similar product. Our pasta can be considered a real food because it maintains the characteristics of the raw materials used intact. An explosion of taste, allowing the consumer to appreciate and enjoy the natural, true aroma of wheat.

Pasta Massi “Exclusive Edition” is available on Travel Retail, only.