Logo Galateo&Friends

The good within the beautiful

Galateo&Friends was founded in 2002, in Arma di Taggia, Liguria, the heartland of Taggiasca extra olive oil production.

Galateo&Friends lives by its motto “The good within the beautiful”, a formula that offers the best of Italian gastronomic excellence and the art of life-style through its fresh and seductive packaging.

Under the helm of Galateo founder and entrepreneur Marco Bonaldo, this project has led to a natural extension in food design: a new trend has emerged from the merry combination of food and design. Marco Bonaldo’s gastronomic range has won over the most coveted tables in Michelin-starred restaurants around the globe, from Alain Ducasse to Bottura, from Daniel Humm’s Eleven Madison Park to Beck’s Pergola, while embellishing the room service of Palazzo Versace, Armani Hotels and Bulgari Hotels.