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The tradition of Russian caviar meets Italian excellence

Giaveri is a dynamic, flexible company dedicated to producing and selling caviar, roe of Russian origin sturgeons. It boasts several specimen variety farmed in our fish farm and is capable of producing high quality and various types of caviar that suits all consumer needs.

Thanks to the realization of an efficient system of modern aquaculture system, with an advanced plant, each sturgeon is been attended and taken care of the basic aspects of the animal growth in their wellbeing, as regards health and environment rules.

The new highly innovative facility, is the heart of our caviar production process, skillfully hand worked and packed according to the old and refined Russian art of salting caviar.

All of the company’s choices are based on the Caviar Giaveri philosophy: uphold utmost respect for natural balance throughout the breeding phase and paying special attention to safeguard of the specie is the real way to guarantee a truly excellent caviar intended for connoisseurs who expect to enjoy a special food.