One of its kind thanks to the softness and juiciness of the candied clementine. The fruit is processed right after the harvest with a natural candying “cold process” that lasts up to 25 days, with repeated slow cooking cycles to keep the clementine tender, juicy and fragrant even once candied. An overwhelming temptation from the perfect marriage between the clementine sweetness and the best dark chocolate.
For any need of sweet, a pleasure to treat yourself with. Good with a cup of tea or coffee, a fruit juice, a glass of champagne or aged rum.


What’s healthier and tastier than a fresh fruit juice? Our juice is exclusively made from fresh fruit and goji berries from organic farming. 100% natural, with no preservative, coloring or sugar added. The cold extraction process is able to maintain all the nutrient content and fibers of the fresh fruit, otherwise deteriorated during other kinds of process that develop heat, electricity and a lot of air. Not only good, but this juice also does good: it is high in antioxidants thanks to the content of polyphenols and carotenoids of our goji berries (up to 5 times more comparing to similar juices). A health concentrate!
For breakfast or as healthy snack in any moment. Perfect at school, at the office or while travelling to enjoy the fresh fruits even far from home. Surprisingly good and light, thanks to the no sugar added, as soaking syrup for cakes.