…from sea to fork…
Born in 2008, Tonno Colimena produces high quality jarred tuna mainly caught in the Ionian Sea by their fishing fleet. The manufacturing follows artisan procedures that keep the nutritional qualities of the food. The production line of jarred tuna in olive oil is one of the most technologically advanced.
Food hygiene and safety are a priority for fish manufacturing, and that is the reason why they guarantee food healthiness and preservation of organoleptic and microbiological food properties.
They have built the Tuna Factory, a place where the caught tuna is processed to become a superior quality product. This tuna has a unique flavour thanks to their traditional recipes with no preservatives.
Colimena tuna is cooked in salt water (not steam cooked), therefore it retains the rich organoleptic qualities; Colimena is able to supply a high quality product which is cleaned and put into jars by hands.