Ancient roots made up of tradition, history, and culture branch out into the passion for our work and in its fruit: our wines.
A family of agriculturalists in Franciacorta narrates its own universe: a farm estate and a wine cellar, a wine museum, a farmhouse, and antiques from the Granaio Verde.
Agricultural tradition since the thirteenth century, the Ricci Curbastro family runs farm estates in Lugo di Romagna (Ravenna), in Rontana di Brisighella (Ravenna), and the homonymous farm estate of Capriolo in Franciacorta (Brescia).
Of the 32 hectares of estate surface area, 27.5 ( 68 acres) are planted with vineyards according to the strict guidelines of modern viticulture and of the Consorzio Vini Franciacorta (Franciacorta Wine Consortium), of which the estate is member from its foundation.
In the secular park where the Villa Evelina stands, is located the underground wine cellar, where the fermentation processes and the slow aging of Franciacorta DOCG take place.
The winemaking is controlled by the enologists Annalisa Massetti, and Riccardo Ricci Curbastro: a mix of experiences for wines that are meant for the increasingly demanding tastes of consumers worldwide.
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